User Agreement

Policies, Beach Umbrellas

West Coast Internet's User Policy is simple. WCI believes in the free flow of information on the Internet and thus WCI does not actively monitor use of its Services. And with the exception of certain proprietary Web sites, WCI does not exercise editorial control over information, transmissions, electronic mail, or other material that is accessed, sent, or received using WCI's Services or over its Web site. WCI members or visitors to WCI's Web site may not use WCI's Services to commit illegal acts. WCI may intervene at its sole discretion to prevent any such illegal act. WCI also asks those members who set up sexually explicit Web sites hosted by WCI to restrict access to such sites with a password protection scheme.

Privacy Policy

West Coast Internet respects your privacy. Generally, you may visit WCI's Web site without revealing personal information or without otherwise revealing who you are to us. On those occasions when you do provide us with personal information, such as to sign up with our Internet service, rest assured that it will only be used to support your customer relationship with WCI.

WCI wants to make you aware of our privacy policy and what your choices are about how we collect and use information. You can find a link to this privacy policy at the bottom of every page of this site.

On various WCI Web site pages, you may order products or services and request information. The types of personal information we collect for these pages are your name, contact information, billing information, credit card information, and other transaction information.

We do not ask you to provide us with personal or professional interests or other demographics. We may ask you about your experience with WCI as well as your contact preferences. Certain of WCI's pages use cookies to store relevant account information for a more streamlines user experience. However the cookie is stored on your machine and is not shared by WCI with anyone.

WCI wants to better understand our clienteles's needs and thereby provide excellent service. What information we do collect, we use to help the client complete a transaction with WCI, to communicate with the client, and to update you about new services and benefits. Credit card numbers are only used to process payments - they are not kept for any other purpose.

WCI will not contact you with marketing information other than to keep you up to date on WCI's products and services.

WCI does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to others, unless required by law.

Your choice WCI will not share or use any client's personally identifiable information in a way unrelated to the ones described above without offering you a choice to refuse any other use. Your permission will always be secured first in the event that WCI ever shares your information with third parties that are not acting on our behalf and that are not governed by our privacy policy.

WCI endeavors to accurately maintain personally identifiable information. We will provide our customers with access to their information and will make every effort to provide them with on-line access to their registration information so that they can update or correct such information. To further protect our customers privacy, WCI will take reasonable steps to verify identities before allowing access to a customer's information. Some areas of this site will limit access by means of a password and user name.

WCI provides links to other Web sites as a convenience to our customers. WCI has not reviewed these third party Web sites and does not control and is not responsible for their content, accuracy, or privacy policies. By providing these links, WCI does not endorse or make any representations about them, or about any information, software, products, or materials on such sites. Please be aware that if you decide to access the third party sites that you do so entirely at your own risk.

Because WCI wants to ensure your information remains secure, WCI will put in place physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to protect our customer's information. When collecting and transferring credit card or other sensitive information, WCI uses Secure Socket Layer encryption to protect such data.

Please contact us with any comments or questions you might have about our privacy policy.

Intellectual Property Policy

While much of the information, images, and other data on the Internet is free, that is not true of the time and work expended to create these resources. Companies such as WCI and others invest considerable effort to come up with original and informative material for your benefit. The originality of expression that such work encompasses must be protected so that the labor of those who bring you the Internet may be properly compensated.

To that end, the original information, images, graphics, logos, and underlying software that makes WCI's Web site possible are either copyrighted, trademarked, or patented by WCI or SitePen, or are licensed by these entities and as such are copyrighted or otherwise protected by the original owners. Unauthorized use, copying, or disseminating materials on this site that are not already in the public domain is prohibited. Remember, simply because the information on this site is available over the Internet, and therefore widely disseminated, does not mean that it has fallen into the public domain.

Any such unauthorized use by another will subject the unauthorized user to liability for copyright, trademark, or patent infringement.

Service Commitment

Funny Thing---we think Customers ARE important:

With WCI, you join nearly 5,000 other customers who stay with us because they're very happy with our service. We're just the right size - big enough to provide top services and equipment, yet small enough to offer caring, individual attention.

Many of our customers were previously with other Internet Service Providers or with major Internet Services such as America Online, Netcom or CompuServe. But these people wanted something more---attention to detail on the part of their Internet connect firm. They wanted something less, too---less downtime, less repeated attempts to connect and less "cold-shoulder" help from tech support personnel. They asked their friends who were on-line which ISP should they should go to for the services they were missing. And many named us. In fact, for a good portion of 1997 we didn't even advertise, yet still grew on a fast track. Why? Because our current customers recommended us to people who wanted better service than they'd been getting.

You'll be pleased to know that with WCI your Internet activities can happen faster and with fewer problems. That's because from the start we've invested AHEAD of time in modern equipment to EXCEED the demands of growth instead of constantly playing equipment "catch up" as some ISPs have done. All of our modems are V.90 compatible 56.6 Kbps speed or better. Our servers are new NT servers that utilize the latest technology in hardware and software.

When connecting to the Internet, the closer your ISP is to the "backbone" of the Internet, the faster and better your service will be. You'll be pleased to know that we have redundant dual OC3 connections with PacBell. This means your connection to the Internet will remain up even when other providers have lost their connection. In fact, our Anaheim-based equipment facility is located only about 400 yards from the region's Local Hub.

Perhaps you've encountered the kind of support provided by other ISP's. Well, we hire only super-qualified, totally mellowed-out technicians to answer questions over the phone. Besides being expert about the Internet, related software and computers in general, these young men and women are patient and understanding. Why? Because they know that YOU are their valued customer; not just some log-on name attached to an account or an e-mail message. And so when you call WCI with a problem, we welcome your call. Because it is yet another chance for us to show you why we're different. And better.

You get friendly, expert tech support from our people, you get Internet access on the best "connect" equipment available today and your Internet work and play is tied directly to the backbone of the Internet itself. If all this sounds good to you, here's how you can sign up with us today.