Web Site Hosting, Beach Chairs
  • West Coast Internet maintains server facilities in Irvine and Laguna Woods Villiage. We provide your site or server with high-speed, redundant backbone connections, offering you superior hosting performance and reliability.

Site Hosting

Dedicated Server

  • Larger web sites are hosted on a dedicated server. West Coast Internet will either sell or lease the server to you, configure and install all necessary applications, and connect it at one of our server facilities. Starting at $175 per month.

Domain Registration

Server Co-location

  • Co-location service allows you to host your own web server at our co-location facility. Starting at $99 per month.


  • Email hosting and routing solutions allow you to either route e-mail traffic to your on-site server, or host and administer your e-mail with your virtual e-mail server. Starting at $10 per month.

Site Traffic Reports

  • Our site traffic software makes it easy for you track how Internet visitors use your Web site. Starting at $5 per month.

E-Commerce Software

  • Our hosted e-commerce solutions allow you to quickly setup your on-line storefront. Starting at $39 per month.


  • Fast Connection Speeds
  • Quality Customer Care
  • Talk while you surf
Broadband $23.50 and up