Internet Modem
  • DSL access allows you to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up connections. Your computer needs to have a network card installed in order to use this service. West Coast Internet is an authorized AT&T SBC Reseller.


  • Our pricing plans vary based on connection speed and your local phone company.


  • Always Connected
  • High transfer speed
  • Fast e-mail service
  • No dial-up required
  • Receive phone calls while using the internet
  • Easily shared between computers (may require additional hardware)
  • 1 Static IP address included with all packages
  • Excellent technical support and on-line tutorial to get you connected


  • Save Time: Anyone who is tired of waiting for web pages or large files to download. With a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), hours become seconds. Send and receive documents, images, or other files in a fraction of the time it would require over a regular modem. Begin enjoying the Internet and e-mail the way they were meant to be---seamlessly and best of all, stunningly fast.
  • Always Connected: Unlike normal dial-up connections, where you have to tie up a phone line to call your ISP, with DSL you can be always on-line and still keep your phone line available. DSL service uses the same copper wire as your telephone but doesn't prevent you from making or receiving calls while you are on the Internet.
  • Unshared: Unlike cable, a DSL line is far less likely to experience reduced speeds because of other users sharing the same connection. Cable can experience a traffic slowdown during times of heaviest use. DSL, conversely, remains basically unaffected by additional traffic.
  • Reliable: The telephone is perhaps the most reliable device in your entire home or office. Thus, DSL, which uses your existing phone line, should offer similarly predictable reliability.
  • Widely Available: Today, 95% of all metro areas are close enough of a telephone switching station or central office to be able to use DSL. To find out if you are close enough, give us a call at 949-487-3303 or contact us on-line. We'll check it out for you for free.

Technical Details


AT&T Basic
AT&T Basic+
15MB site hosting
AT&T Premium
Outside AT&T Area Call