Windows 2000 Server
  • West Coast Internet offers a variety of powerful and flexible e-mail solutions including Virutal Mail Servers, E-mail Aliasing, Universal E-mail, E-mail Forwarding, and Web Mail. WCI can customize any of these services, such as by combining several solutions, to fit a particular need. Please contact us with your questions.

Virtual Mail Server

  • A portion of West Coast Internet's mail server is mapped to your domain name.
  • Easily expandable. Order mailboxes in blocks of 10.
  • Ideal for customers needing domain-specific e-mail, but don't want to maintain their own mail server.
  • Self-administer user mailboxes, or have West Coast Internet administer it for you.

E-mail Aliasing

  • Set up your e-mail to use a particular registered domain name address (for example mail_name@domain.com).
  • If you already have a Web site hosted by WCI, there is no charge to alias your e-mail to your first mailbox. You may add any number of separate mailboxes to the particular domain name for only $5 per mailbox.

Universal E-mail

  • Place many names before the @ symbol in an e-mail address so that one particular domain appears to have many distinct mail boxes (for example unclesam@your_domain.com, rumplestiltskin@your_domain.com, threebears@your_domain.com).
  • All of the mail directed to this address is placed into a single user mailbox.
  • Ideal for the small business person who doesn't yet have a web site, but wants to present the same professional image as a larger organization.

E-mail Forwarding

  • If you are moving your e-mail account away from West Coast Internet :( and wish to make the transition gradual so you don't lose track of e-mail, WCI can forward your e-mail to the new address.
  • You will need to keep a minimum WCI account ($6.95/month) open during the time your wish WCI to forward your e-mail.


  • WebMail allows you to view your mail from anywhere in a Web browser.
  • Included with all non-forwarding e-mail packages.


Virtual Mail Server $15 and up
Add 10 mailboxes $10
E-mail Aliasing $10
Universal E-mail $10
E-mail Forwarding $10
  • One-time setup fee of $10 applies