West Coast Internet traces its roots back thirteen years to several communications firms founded around 1990, long before the World Wide Web was even born. As the Internet evolved and the World Wide Web gained popularity, a spin-off of one of these early firms -owned by Paul and Terri Quaranto of Dana Point, California - began betting its future that the Web was here to stay. In fact, never having been on the Web or used e-mail themselves, they used their own family credit cards to finance their start-up. They did this at a time when many other communications firms scoffed that the Web was just a fad, one that would never grow much beyond its initial novelty stage.

In 1995, the Quarantos transformed their dial-up-only Internet firm into West Coast Internet, Inc., the full service Internet Service Provider that you know today. They vowed that unlike most early ISPs, theirs would never provide unreliable or slow service. Theirs would hire only the best-qualified personnel and install newer, faster equipment long before customer complaints made it essential. "We believe in customer service," is the statement upon which they founded the firm.

As a result, West Coast Internet has not only retained customers for years, it grew 75% from 1998 to 2000 solely on the strength of word-of-mouth, one satisfied customer recommending WCI to another. And there is no stronger customer base than one formed by word-of-mouth. During the same period, the firm's revenues have increased ten-fold. West Coast Internet has become known to both consumers and businesses of all sizes as a Can Do firm. It now provides virtually any Internet access need or service-from truly reliable dial up access to sophisticated solutions for businesses that demand nothing less than constant, uninterrupted availability to both consumers and their business-to-business customers.


Today, West Coast Internet is considered a mid-sized Internet Access firm. It is large enough to handle even the most sophisticated consumer and business needs, yet still small enough, with experienced long term staff and technicians, to provide fast accurate and reliable customer service - a factor sorely missing from many Internet firms today.

Maybe you've tried to get fast service from another Internet firm. If you have, you'll know what we mean. WCI offers both consumer and business customers virtually any state-of-the-art service they might require for Internet access, such as co-location of servers, hosting of Web sites, e-commerce, SSL licenses and more.

Broadband Internet access methods such as DSL, T-1 and other types are suddenly in great demand. Yet WCI has been technically proficient in these services for years. To expand its services, WCI has formed strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in access services.


West Coast Internet has become one of the oldest and most successful continuous-ownership firms of its kind and size in the country. It is large enough to handle virtually any consumer or business need, yet small enough to handle it right. We understand that service is our middle name and that just when we feel like we are providing great service, it's time to add even more.

If you're thinking of exploring a different Internet service or connecting your business through an Internet Service Provider that is more than just an ISP, you might want to give West Coast Internet a call today at 949.487.3303 or contact us on-line. Thanks for visiting us. We're here for YOU!

Paul and Terri Quaranto
and the entire WCI staff.